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Something New Media is adding a new perspective to wedding videography with arial video. Aerial videography is ideal for large outdoor weddings with stunning scenery. Although the technology isn’t new for aerial video, it is new in wedding films. While we like to focus on small details and tell your wedding story through the small things; the smiles you share with your loved ones, the way your veil flows walking down the isle or simply the emotional first kiss as a married couple. But we also believe in taking a step back and looking at the larger picture. Admiring the true beauty of the venue and the environment in which you chose to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life. Aerial videography truly lets you appreciate the venue’s true beauty in your wedding film.
Something New Media uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to capture our aerial video. Our GPS guided UAV and experienced pilots make utilizing aerial videography safe and high quality. The range of opportunities with our aerial video is endless, with different angles and shots combined with the camera’s low light capability, slow-motion video up to 120 fps and 4K resolution, the aerial video will fit in perfectly with your wedding film. Our stunning films delivered in HD are perfect for any television or device and are available for viewing 24/7 online.


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Trilogy at Vistancia is one of our favorite venues in Mesa. This gorgeous venue has vibrant colors and stunning surroundings that make it perfect for aerial video. Flying above the venue, looking at the surrounding hills and mountains, you can really understand true beauty of this venue.


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The Royal Palms are another one of our favorite venues to visit with our aerial video. The open ceremony courtyard captured from above really opens your eyes to the possibilities with this remarkable venue. The surrounding trees and lush background for this venue is makes for a perfect wedding for couples all times of the year in Arizona.

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Villa Siena is one of the most unique venues we get the chance to shoot in. The beautiful exterior and interior is a wonderful match for so many couples dreams. We absolutely adore doing aerial shots of Villa Siena because of the gorgeous exterior and eye catching open reception area. The pond and the trees make a beautiful addition to the venue as well.

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The Venue at the Grove has one of the most gorgeous reception areas. The complete shading from the tall gorgeous trees makes shooting at this venue an absolute treat. The large venue is perfect for vintage and country weddings, surrounded completely by nature you get sucked into the beauty of this venue.

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The dancing apache venue has beautiful vineyards, a pond, barn and just so much space for brides to take advantage of. This large wedding venue was perfect for aerial videography because it connects into the gorgeous mountains. No matter how you shoot this venue, it’s gorgeous by design.